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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 9

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

grounded.  The flying lizards were remarkably similar to todayís bats.

God knew that man would constantly be admiring animals and plants that show strength and courage. These would become manís symbols to inspire his determination.  So 220 million years ago he designed the alligators and crocodiles.  These are animals that man does not want to share a swimming hole with. Also about this time, God was playing with dinosaurs. His imagination really went wild on these creatures. They came tiny to gigantic and plant eaters to meat eaters.  This was the dinosaursí heyday.  If only we could have been there to have seen this spectacle.

No doubt God received much enjoyment watching the dinosaurs.  Like people who enjoy watching deer, rabbits or birds in the wild.  Their busy lives, raising their young, fighting for territory and watching out for others trying to eat them.  But God knew this was not the animal he wanted for man.  He had developed a small animal He called a mammal.  It was warm blooded, had soft hair over its body to keep it warm and mammary glands to produce milk to feed its young.  With a few adjustments this mammal could be the physical structure to house manís spirit.  

At 200 million years ago the mammals were developing. God was keeping them small because it was the age of the dinosaurs.  For now the mammals were just food for the dinosaurs and they were so busy running and hiding that they could never get big.  

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