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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 11

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

A to point B and then without to much head wind.  So God developed a special flying machine by redesigning the dinosaur skeleton.  The design included beefing up the chest bone on the skeleton, removing the skin membrane and adding lightweight feather to the wings. The beefed up chest bone would handle bigger chest muscles for propulsion, thus more power, and the feathers would provide an airfoil for lift.  So 150 million years ago the bird was invented and they would provide food and entertainment for man.

God was always experimenting with propulsion.  The creatures of the sea used paddles, squirts, wiggles, side motion, and up-down motion.  The land animals used legs, stretching, crawling and the birds flapped. Around 80 million years ago God invented a propulsion system using scales and thus the development of the snake.  Their legs were replaced with moving scales on their bellies and they could go where other animals could not go and also not make any noise.  At 180 million years ago God made the modern lizard and, as usual, God experimented with various sizes making one lizard 26 feet long.

The time was drawing near when the Earth would be prepared for manís arrival.  God wanted everything to be just right including a large and varied group of plants and animals.  He had moved the continents around so that man would be isolated from each other. The climate would provide deserts, swamps, tropical forests and frigid regions.  When God moved the continents he created

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