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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 17

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

night flying.  The bat was definitely one of God’s high efficiency predators.

God was accelerating animal development.  At 40 million years ago the elephant was designed and distributed from the Arctic to the hot desert.  Some elephants had tusks on the upper jaw; some on the lower jaw and some had two tusks on the upper and lower jaw.  About 25 million years ago some of these elephants went through the ice age with heavy coats of fur and snow plowing tusks.  These were still around during prehistoric man’s time as can be seen on cave walls that early man inhabited.

God had to be laughing when he made all the different animals and plants and left the fossils to be discovered by man.  God knew that when man started to putting all the pieces together that there was going to be wonderment.  God knew that man was constantly going to ask, “Why did God do that”?  Or ”That’s the strangest animal I have ever seen.”  But God was having fun.  He was creating things just to be creating.

At 25 million years ago the insects were everywhere and the ants were probably getting out of hand.  God invented a mammal that was designed to control ants. This animal had no teeth but a tongue that could slurp up ants as fast as they could come out of a hole. Whenever there was an over abundance of an animal or plant God would design a creature or a disease to control it.

God developed modern carnivorous around 35 million years ago to control the grazing animals.     

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