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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 6

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

Since plants were on land, this fish was attracted to land for short periods to feed.  As time went on God made modifications to this fish and they became the amphibians.  The adult amphibians lived on the land to feed, but returned to the water to breed.  God continued to modify the amphibian because he wanted land animals in areas where water was not abundant. The plants and insects were already being designed for arid lands and God wanted the animals to follow.

Vegetation had spread across the land and God saw that it was good.  His creativity on land was as fertile as his ocean creations.  There was something for all his creations and 410 million years ago he created insects and by 320 million years ago there was a great variety including winged and crawling types.  It should be noted that very small minute ants and the very large ants both have the same features, a brain, antenna, and legs, a hard outer shell, muscles, joints, intestine and the entire system.  The small ants are only micro systems of the large ant.  To create such intricate living objects is astounding.  There were millipedes, spiders and a variety of algae and other small plants all living along the shores of rivers, lakes and swamps.

Finally, 320 million years ago, the amphibian laying a hard-shelled egg turned into a reptile without the need to return to water to breed.  The reptiles then became larger and more variable.  Some became strictly plant eaters while others became hunters and meat eaters. God devised so

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