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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 8

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

to feed on the multitude of nutrients that lived there. Unlike the whales and porpoises, He designed the reptiles with a tail for propulsion and the four legs became paddle fins.  

God wanted a great variety of plants and animals for man to enjoy.  Some would provide food, others for burden, some for company.  Others would be a nuisance, some would be deadly, but they all would be compatible with man.  Man could either eat them or be eaten by them and man would always have admiration for their courage.  About 230 million years ago God designed the modern reptiles.  These early reptiles are not the same as today but they began to have the modern features that are required to keep the species alive today.  Also about this time God began experimenting with flight.  He had developed flying insects and had designed some large types but now it was time to put a lizard in the air.  God had experimented with flying lizards that spread their rib bones out into a sail but they could only glide from atop a tree to the ground, similar to a flying squirrel. He wanted lizards that could take off from the ground and have sustained flight.  So God took the front legs of a lizard and stretched a skin membrane from the lizards body the length of the arm plus an elongated finger and then taught the lizard to fly.  The flying lizard was so successful that God designed many more including some very large types.  The flying lizard had a problem with metabolism though, so God had to make them warm-blooded.  Seems when cold weather set in they were

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