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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 3

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

the trail God made in developing the animals and plants of today, including man himself.

Around 3.5 billion years ago plants began living in the oceans and some of these had chlorophyll that uses sunlight to produce oxygen.  God wanted animals in the future to use oxygen to burn fuel for the energy they needed to stay alive.  Thus, these plants existed for 3 billion years before God created organisms that use oxygen and even until today these plants still produce oxygen.  God intended for man to be a land animal so around 400 million years ago some plants left the oceans and became land plants.  God pushed them gradually from lagoons and swamps onto the land where water would come as rain to give them nourishment in the form of dissolved chemicals. These plants reproduced using spores.  Once plants moved to land many different types developed such as mosses and fungis.  At 380 million years ago God developed ferns, which are still with us today.  The ferns would cross the spectrum from small plants to huge trees and these would later feed the great dinosaurs.  At 350 million years ago God made plants that reproduced using seeds.  It would be this group of plants that would feed man.  God would make a great variety of seed plants and man would eat the plant, the seed or the fruit surrounding the seed.  God would make these plants the staple food source and also make eating them quite enjoyable.

While God was playing with early life designs he was also playing with manís mind.

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