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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 5

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

Other creatures that God created began to feed on them to the point that he had to protect them with additional bony plates or scales.  God began designing different models and they improved in performance, as seen in today’s fish.

About 370 million years ago God designed a fish with a lung that could breath air for short periods.  The fish also had the same bone structure as today’s reptiles and mammals.  This single fish would become the prototype of all of today’s mammals, reptiles, and birds. This rare fish still exists today.

In God’s divine plan he knew exactly what he wanted man to look like.  An upright creature with a skeleton to support the body.  A head that included the main sensors and a central intelligence headquarters all housed in a hard shell.  From the head came a system for transmitting signals to the various body parts to perform necessary functions to sustain the body.  The signal system would be housed in a flexible conduit to provide protection.

This fish that first came to land had all these features including all the bones for the arms, legs, wrists and hands.  This fish obviously did not need them to swim but they were going to be necessary for man and so he designed them into this fish and when he came up on the land these bones developed into stubby legs and finally into legs and arms.  Even the whales in the water and bats in the air have the same bone layout as all land animals.

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