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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 2

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

intend for plants or animals to live forever.  In his infinite wisdom He designed plants and animals to be born, live and finally die.  Life spans would vary but all would die.  This allowed God to design, develop and play with various kinds of plants and animals as he evolved them into today’s groups without over crowding the Earth with everything that ever lived.

The plants came first because the animals either feed on plants or feed on other animals.  Plants on the other hand obtain their nourishment from chemicals that they come in contact with.  Thus the plants are at the bottom of the food chain.  God could have created man to exist without obtaining nourishment. Man, like God, could have been just an object of perpetual existence.  God could even have designed man to make a copy of himself from atoms in the same fashion as a virus.  If he failed the good or evil test then God would neutralize his atoms and poof, he was gone.  But this would not have given man a chance to act like a mini god and live as we live.

About this time God decided to begin making riddles for the curious.  He knew man would see strange things on this Earth and begin to wonder what they were and how they got there, so He began making skeletons and shells to support the organisms and also protect them from predators.  God knew these shells would fossilize and become exposed for man to see because that was his design.  Fossilized skeletons began to appear 590 million years ago.  From this point on man can see


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