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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 10

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

To develop the little mammal into the form God wanted man to take he would have to make it evolve into an upright creature with a longer growing period, milk feeding, and deep maternal instincts.  Man would be warm-blooded so that when awake man would have constant motion velocity and thought processes.  Man would also have hair on his body and walk upright with legs for travel and hands for work.  Man would be born alive, not in an egg, and have daily periods of sleep. In addition he would have to add a multitude of personal quirks to make the meaning of life interesting. He would make every person different.  To add pleasure for man and woman, God would make sex and child birth available year round, add an extra layer of fat in the skin of the female to make her pleasing to the touch.  God would also wire the brain of the female different from a man to make her fascinating and a challenge to figure out. This was the body that the spirit would inhabit while on earth.  Besides man, God developed the modern mammal for food and entertainment and this development began 65 million years ago.  At the end of the dinosaurs, God began the primates.  He first developed the prosimian monkeys and apes and they are still with us today.

God was not satisfied with His flying machines.  The skin wings of the reptile were not efficient because it did not form a good airfoil.  In addition the skeleton was not strong enough to support strong muscles that would allow for aerobatics.  The flying lizards could only fly from point

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