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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 13

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

The small mammals that survived came out of hiding and began to grow.  They became varied, some plant eaters and others meat eaters.  The birds soared and expanded all over the world feeding on a variety of fish, insects, plants and animals and other birds.  If there was a plant or animal on Earth something would eat it.

God left enormous evidence of his creations in the form of fossils.  He no doubt was quite proud of these animals and wanted man to appreciate his creative genius.

During the 65 million years after the dinosaurís extinction, God accelerated the development of the animals.  The reptiles were improved upon to keep pace with the mammals and birds.  But it was the mammals that changed the most.  The small insect-eating mammal soon expanded into huge beasts and took to the oceans and the air.  God always wanted man to be intrigued with the animals, so he would leave one string of prehistoric and primitive species alive so that man would always wonder.

When God designed his aquatic predators he wanted them to be fast and agile.  All the predators, including fish, reptiles or mammals were streamlined with pointed heads, smooth bodies and tapered tails.  The fish originated in the water but the reptiles and mammals came from the land to the water.  The reptiles propelled themselves by moving the tail from side to side and they used their arms and legs for fins and propulsion.  But when God designed the aquatic mammals he eliminated   

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