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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 7

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

many types and styles that variations dazzle the imagination.  The rocks are filled with the remains of his creatures and all placed there to make the curious think and imagine what it was like back then.

God wanted the creature man to have a constant mood every day all year long.  The cold-blooded reptiles became slow in cold weather because their metabolism slowed down.  To keep a constant mood would require the creature to have a constant temperature.  A constant temperature would require protection from the cold and the heat.  So 290 million years ago God designed a mammal-like reptile that was warm blooded and maintained a constant body temperature.

About 245 million years ago God developed turtles and placed them on both the land and in the sea.  He designed many varieties and some of the land turtles were capable of retracting their heads and legs into their shell so that a predator could only bit hard shell and not soft flesh.  During all this time God was creating new animals, plants and insects to feed his creatures.  When he was through playing with one of his creatures he would have droughts or floods or change food types and the creature would die out, always to be replaced by another.

The oceans were vast and filled with all kinds of fish, shell creatures and plants.  God was still playing around with new designs and developing a bigger variety of ocean inhabitants.  So 245 million years ago God sent the reptiles back to sea

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