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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 14

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

the tail and used the legs for propulsion in an up and down motion, and used the arms for steering.  To help the whales and porpoises in a turning maneuver God installed a dorsal fin on the back close to the center of gravity.  Some reptiles were designed like modern penguins using the arms and legs for propulsion by flapping like a birdís wings.

As with the dinosaurs, Godís imagination and creativity were going strong.  He created the most diverse groups of animals from the mammal.  Australia was connected to South America by way of the Antarctic and the marsupialís development went from kangaroos to a horned bear-like creature to meat eating predators living in Australia and the Americas.  The mammals came from egg laying reptiles and the change took place gradually.  The platypus, a mammal that lays eggs instead of live birth, is a left over from the change.

God wanted to feed the multitudes and so 50 million years ago he developed grass.  He would cover the Earth with a green carpet to feed the stock.  With grass God would feed man with wheat, rice and oats. So 25 million years ago, grass spread all over the world.  The grass attracted hoofed animals that adapted readily to all climates.  The early animals had small brains but to be more of a challenge to man, God expanded the animalsí brain to better compete and to be a companion to man.  Also, the variety of grazing animals was astounding.  Some were twenty-six feet high and weighed thirty tons.  Horses were developed during this   

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