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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 16

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

were as big as a hippopotamus and others had horns on their head.  These animals foraged in trees, on the ground and in ponds.

During this period the prosimians were developing into the monkey.  The first prosimians were squirrel like with five fingers and five toes.  They had a collarbone and the eyes looked straight ahead.  These were features that God intended for man to have.  The early prosimians lasted for 20 million years, but competition with monkeys and apes caused them to become night hunters.  The monkeys separated into two groups, one lived in Africa and Europe and one group lived in the Americas. The American group is smaller than the African group but the American group has thick fur and uses its tail for climbing.

God had taken the insects and the dinosaurs to the air and now it was time for the mammals to fly.  So now God invented the bat.  The flying dinosaur was a weak flyer and catching other flying animals or diving on prey was outside their capacity and they would have to feed on the ground.  God developed the bat from a mammal that feeds on insects.  To feed on flying insects would take a set of aerobatic wings.  To beef up the wings God used additional fingers on the hand of the bat and lengthened them to stretch the skin membrane into a better airfoil.  To provide better maneuvering capabilities for catching insects God stretched the wing skin back to the hind legs and tail. Sonar equipment was installed to provide for   

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