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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 12

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

massive mountain ranges and he covered them with trees and snow and these mountains would become havens for those wishing inspiration.

The dinosaurs had become huge beasts that had gotten out of hand.  Even the plant eaters had armor and spikes and other offensive weapons.  God knew that the giant dinosaurs would not be compatible with the mammals, much less man, and he had made every conceivable type.  He made those that could live in the ocean, roamed the land and flew the skies.  They were far too dangerous to be compatible with man so it was time to move into the last phase of development.  God in his infinite wisdom decided to take them out in one big “blast.”  To do this he used a huge meteorite from deep in space.  It crashed into the Earth just east of lower Mexico 65 million years ago causing the skies to turn dark from clouds of dust and smoke.  The dust blocked out the sun’s heat and caused warm regions to become frigid.  The climate changed immediately and caused vegetation to die and this in turn caused plant eaters to starve and when they died the meat eaters disappeared.  The clouds made breathing difficult and over exertion deadly.  The dark skies brought extreme cold and the once great animals that had dominated the earth died out in a few short years.  

The shock wave from the meteorite impact caused earthquakes and volcanic activity, which in turn put additional toxic material into the skies.  When the Earth had settled down and the dust had cleared from the skies, the dinosaurs were gone.  

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