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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Two, Page 18

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Chapter Two
Life Begins

He brought in the bears, cats and dogs.  He controlled the population of grazing animals but also kept the carnivores in check.  Likewise God would make an animal extinct with weather, overpopulation of enemies or disease.  When He wanted to create a new animal, He would simply change a few chromosomes and poof, there it was.  It was just as easy as an artist drawing a picture, only this was in real life.

It is inconceivable that anyone could deny that God could evolve one-cell animals to modern man in 600 million years.  Look what man himself has done to plants and animals in just six thousand years.  Without Godís ability to change chromosomes and make mutations, man has developed dogs of every description to do a variety of tasks.  There are bird dogs, coon dogs, rabbit dogs, and varmint dogs, all used for hunting.  There are fighting dogs, watchdogs, lap dogs and show dogs.  To do his bidding, man has redesigned cattle, horses, and fowl.  If man in his limited ability can do this, then what capability does God have who has the power to create the whole universe?

As the grasses kept spreading, the even toed hoofed animals began modernizing 20 million years ago.  These animals formed two stomachs to enable them to chew tough grasses.  The grass was plentiful and various animals changed to accommodate this nutrient.  Thus the deer, antelope and cow appeared all over the world.

The odd toed hoofed animals grew alongside the even toed animals.  The largest mammal ever     

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