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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Three, Page 7

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Chapter Three
The Creation of Man

or high into the mountains or the rain forest or look out into deep space.  The wonders make one dizzy.

In 3,000 BC man developed the technique of smelting bronze.  A metal that was hard and could be used for hard working tools.  In 1,500 BC man learned how to work iron, which provides a means for even stronger tools and weapons for defense and offense.

Man the body was now ready for Godís purpose.  Man had developed a culture and was able to control his destiny.  He had the intelligence to exist even when the weather changed and he could store food for a rainy day.  Also man had formed tribes and nations to defend and to conquer.  But man had no consciousness of cruelty.  Man could kill, rape and steal at will and he would feel no guilt.  Guilt is that which separates man from beast.  The time was now. Now, all that was needed was a soul to separate man from the beast. Unto this, God added a conscience. The first true humans were Adam and Eve.  They were the first humans to know guilt.  They were the first humans to have a soul and the first humans to have a choice between death and everlasting life with God. At this point in time, God wrote Genesis.

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