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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Three, Page 2

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Chapter Three
The Creation of Man

complete.  A few minor changes have occurred since, but basically the hoofed animals were ready for man.

About 3 million years ago God developed the earliest hominids.  They walked upright and were therefore different from the apes.  The skull was similar to an ape with a brain the size of a chimpanzee.  The early hominids ate mostly vegetation but one variety could possibly have eaten meat.  At 1.8 million years ago the first human-like man was developed.  It had a larger brain, could run and grip objects, and used very simple tools.  God was getting closer with both intellect and talent.  At one million years ago the brain expanded and the body was similar in appearance and function to modern man.  The head was flat on top with a large bone over the eyes.  He used a greater variety of tools and was the first human to use fire.  This model lasted for 800,000 years.

At 130,000 years ago, God created the animal that would develop into the final desired result.  They were the Neanderthals.  The brain size was the same as modern man and he used tools that were designed for specific purposes.  They buried their dead and they had rituals.  They also lived during the ice age, so were able to clothe themselves.  But the Neanderthal still had the heavy bone over the eyes and God wanted man to be attractive.

At 30,000 years ago the modern man was called the Cro-Magnon.  The brow had been redesigned to look like today’s skull and now had

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