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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Three, Page 5

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Chapter Three
The Creation of Man

plan to give every person super intelligence or creative genius.  Had He done so, man would have advanced to the atomic age before there was any real history.  

At 12,000 years ago the ice was leaving and man emerged as hunter- gatherers.  God had made man capable of eating almost anything from flesh to plants. Eating was something that God wanted man to enjoy and to use not just to sustain life but for family gatherings and social events.  At first man lived in family tribes and invented tools for use in a variety of ways, including spears, harpoons, axes and bow and arrows.  These tools were to take the place of speed, strength and size and were to be used for hunting and to protect him from predators.  From the very beginning of life, if there was an animal or plant that God designed He also designed another plant or animal to feed on it.  Every organic thing on Earth was a nutrient for something and man was no different.

When manís brain expanded and folded, his intelligence and cunning gave him a distinct advantage over the animals. The animals knew man had dominion and gave man lots of leeway.  However the cunning also gave man the idea that he could conquer other men and make them his slaves.  This would give him free labor so he could live in luxury.  Thus man had to defend himself not only from animals but also from other men.

During the end of the ice age the hunter-gatherers, in the Middle East area, began raising their own food. Instead of the nomadic life, they

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