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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Three, Page 3

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Chapter Three
The Creation of Man

modern manís appearance.  God had increased intelligence and creativity.  The Cro-Magnon man lived in wooden huts and it was these people that left paintings on cave walls.  This was the first man to invent the ax by attaching a stone on the end of a wooden stick.  Manís creativity was beginning to blossom.

At this same time in Northern Europe and Siberia the mammoth hunters appeared and developed the culture of killing for survival.  The hunters used the mammoth bones and tusks for houses, skins for dress and used whistles and put beads and embroidery on clothing.

When God invented the brain it was intended to be the central control center.  This device was to take messages from all the sensors of the body, process the information and make a conclusion and then a reaction. The brain consisted of cells called neurons that do the processing and they are connected to each other and to the sensors using nerves.  Electric current passes through the nerves and into the neurons just as current passes through wires and into a computer chip. The more chips, the smarter the computer.  The more neurons the smarter the animal.

The size of the brain cavity does not necessarily mean the intelligence level.  The neurons in manís brain are on the outside layer of the brain.  God wanted man to be smarter, but he did not want his head to be so big and heavy that he would be ugly and clumsy.  God solved the problem by folding the outside layer to give more brain area

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