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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Three, Page 6

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Chapter Three
The Creation of Man

begin raising grain grass such as wheat and barley. They began to take wild grains and through the selective process developed grains that were bigger and hardier.  This was the beginning of agriculture. These people around 9,000 BC also began domestication of pigs, sheep and goats, which gave them meat, milk and clothing.  No longer were people migrating and looking for food because now they had farms that they planted every year.  These farms in turn created towns and villages that supported the farms by making farming utensils, pottery, and distribution of products, transportation and a source for farm labor.  From here agriculture spread around the world and by 3000 BC it had spread to England. Everywhere agriculture went new types of plants and animals were developed by man to be compatible with the local climate conditions.

At 7,000 BC, metalworking began in the Middle East. With the development of farming and town support, the metalworking only supplemented the agriculture. Gold, silver and copper were first smelted.  The metal was used for ornamental design as well as tools.  Man has always decorated himself and his habitat.  No matter where you go in the world, from the most sophisticated to the most primitive, man decorates himself and his house.  Man has the need to make a statement, which is a peculiar trait God thought he needed to describe himself.  God also has this trait in that he surrounds himself with natural wonders.  If there’s doubt about this just go to the depths of the ocean

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