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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Three, Page 1

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Chapter Three
The Creation of Man

The time was drawing near when God was to create man.  Godís plan was to make an animal creature that he could breathe a soul into.  The plans called for redesigning a primate to the shape that God thought appropriate.  God wanted man to feel good about himself!  Man would not be the fastest or the biggest, nor have offensive or defensive weapons to control all dangers.  Instead God would give man intelligence and creative thought, the power to observe and draw conclusions.  It was this intelligence that would give man dominion over the beasts.

God began with an ape.  About 18 million years ago God removed the tail from the ape.  About 14 million years ago the ape began to walk on the hind legs for short periods of time.  All the while God was experimenting with various models to get the desired end result.

Around 5 million years ago the development of todayís deer, antelopes and cows was almost

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