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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Five, Page 4

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Chapter Five
The Nature of God

atom that does not exist in water, therefore it was an atomic change.  When he cleansed the leper he changed the leperís skin into a different molecular structure during healing.  He took a dead person that had been dead for days, a body that was swollen and had rigor mortis and he changed the molecular structure in the body and brought the person back to life.  It is this power that created the universe.

God of the heavens created man the animal knowing that the animalís first needs are survival.  Man the physical animal knows that when the body dies it is all over and that he lives in a harsh environment not caused by the elements, but by manís behavior.  Man is manís number one enemy and causes more pain and misery to other men than diseases, accidents, elements or just plain bad luck.  Man the animal is constantly attacking each other whether in war, child abuse, stealing, bar room fights or just being mean.

The God of the heavens came down to combat this in the form of the Holy Spirit.  It is the Holy Spirit that conforms man the animal to the image of Christ, through the manís conscience.  When man causes pain to another it is conscience or the Holy Spirit that causes man to feel bad for his evil deeds.  It is the Holy Spirit that helps man to do good things and to help his fellow man in need.

The Bible is the written word of the living God.  Just as the Constitution is the foundation of the United States government, the Bible is the foundation of Christianity. From cover to cover the Bible

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