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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Five, Page 2

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Chapter Five
The Nature of God

God is perfect in infinite judgment and wisdom.  Unlike man who is a slave to the body, God is not a slave to anything, not to the universe of time, space and matter.  Man inhaibits a body; a body created by God, and as a part of the universe will some day vanish with the universe.

God has infinite creative genius.  To be able to create the universe and all its wonders with only a minimum of building blocks is truly amazing.  To go beyond the creation of the universe and put spiritual man into a physical body is even more amazing.  Man's ego and the spirit are imprisoned in this body.  A body made of molecular structures.  If called by God, man will be freed of the body, no longer a captive, and manís reward will make him a god with a pure heart full of goodness and righteousness.

God is the consummate engineer.  Engineering is described as the laws of nature, and common sense put mathematically.  God has to be an engineer to have put all this together.  Only an engineer would have the logic and creative genius to build the universe and design and fabricate all the plants and animals. God calculated bone stresses under loads, did chemical calculations for digestive systems, kinematics for muscle movement, pipeline hydraulics for blood flow and electric circuits for nervous systems and used architecture for bird nests.  All these things require engineering.

Man was created in His image.  God then must have all the feelings that man has.  He appreciates humor, can cry, and can feel pain, hurt feelings,

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