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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter Four, Page 2

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Chapter Four
Science and the Church

sun did not go around the Earth, that in fact the Earth went around the sun, again the church murdered these people.  Glordano Bruno was a mathematician that was burned at the stake by the church for his theory that the Earth went around the sun.   Galileo, a famous, well-to-do mathematician and astronomer, was sentenced to house arrest for the last 10 years of his life for stating the Earth went around the sun.  Can you imagine a church, also professing salvation, inflicting this kind of punishment on people who are only trying to gain knowledge of Godís creation?  Has the 21-century church not learned anything from its evil past?  Once it was proven, beyond a doubt, that the Earth did go around the sun then the theologians had to rethink their position again and change their attitude.  Now, theologians are going to have to rethink the Big Bang theory, because everyday the evidence becomes stronger.  

Fortunately in this day and time, theologians do not have the authority to murder those people whose ideas do not coincide with their ideas of biblical teachings. In science, the curious can investigate and discuss freely among themselves what they have found without the fear of persecution.  The young curious minds of our youth are learning science every day in school, on television, and in books.  If the church does not accept these theories and in fact they rebuke these theories as being blasphemy, they are going to chase away and repulse these curious minds.  Then when these young people grow up and become leaders in the

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