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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 9

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

washed down the soil from the high ground to the low spots and formed rivers and the low spots formed oceans.  The molten lava currents inside the earth are strong and the currents began pushing the cool crust around the surface forming continents.  It took one billion years for the conditions on Earth to become compatible with man, and the Earth was to be mans home.  God wanted a wide variety of living creatures to inhabit the earth so he created oceans, dry land, rivers, mountains, and cold and warm regions.  In addition God wanted weather conditions to stabilize to allow life to exist.

The increase in temperature increases chemical reaction time.  The body uses oxygen to burn hydrocarbons and other elements to create heat and motion in the same manner as an automobile engine. God selected 98.6 degrees F as the optimum temperature for man.  Temperature higher than 98.6 degrees F will cause excessive chemical reactions.  In cold regions man can keep himself warm by adding clothing, but man has difficulty keeping cool in warm regions.  God wanted man to inhibit the entire Earth so He set temperature limits.  With a few exceptions located around the world, God limited the upper temperature to around 110 degrees F which man can tolerate.  

The moving continents caused uplifts of the earth's crust and this in turn created mountains.  The rain would wash the mountains back to the sea and the soil from the mountains would form sediments in the ocean bottoms.  These sediments over time would form rocks.  Anything living in the  

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