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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 8

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

convert the sun into a red giant which will expand outward and consume the earth.  Eventually the sun as a red giant will blow away its outer layer and become a nebula.  The nebula will drift into space leaving the core of the once proud sun a white dwarf. Itís nuclear reactors dead and without a heat source the sun will become cold dark ashes.

The stars and galaxies began forming one hundred million to one billion years after creation and continue to form and die today.  At 9 billion years after creation, the Milky Way was well established and around 4.6 billion years ago our star the sun and all its planets, including our Earth, were formed.  The planets came from a disk surrounding the sun and the disk consisted of gas and dust that condensed into the planets.  To add to the beauty of the night sky with all the stars and planets God added a large object called a moon.  The moon would orbit around the earth giving pleasure from its light as it shines down upon the earth.  Its movement would affect the oceans causing tides and also cause electrical changes in manís nervous system.  The phases would go from new moon to full moon and God even placed the mountains and the craters on the full moon to provide the image of a fetus, the sign of new life.  All this beauty for man to enjoy.

The early Earth was molten hot, as is the center of the Earth today and produced gases and water vapor clouds.  As the Earth cooled, the water vapor condensed and formed rain.  The rain

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