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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 7

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

around and electrons were connecting to protons and forming atoms.  Using the orbiting satellite telescopes, man can now see back in time to when the universe first cleared thirteen billion years ago.  The Kobe satellite can see the clearing of the fireball and the Hubbell satellite can see the first galaxies being formed.  

The night sky produces a panorama of the history of the universe.  Man can now see stars from the present to ten billion years ago, almost to the beginning of time, because the light from a star does not show the star as it looks now but what it looked like when the light left the star.  Thus a star ten light years away will look as it did ten years ago and a star ten billion light years away will look as it did ten billion years ago, and this star most likely has burned out at this time.

Man cannot look into the future with telescopes.  But man can predict the future by looking back in time and by watching and studying the stars in their various stages of development.  Man can predict when the sun will burn up all its fuel, and man knows all the fuel in the universe will burn out in thirteen trillion years leaving a dark, cold universe, a universe that once abounded in light and energy as it does today.

The sun burns hydrogen in its nuclear fusion reactor. The size of the sun is large enough to provide fuel to last ten billion years.  Currently the sun has burned up half of its fuel and will last another five billion years. In the end it will have burned up all the hydrogen fuel and gravity will


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