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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 5

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

and at this time we are almost there but not quite, for at zero seconds, man would be in Godís dimension and He doesnít want us there just yet.

At ten minus forty-seven seconds, about ten million-trillion-trillion trillionths of a second, the mathematician can describe the universe in quite some detail.  Before ten minus forty-seven seconds the mathematics break down, particularly time.  Perhaps some day the mathematicians will go back further. But not now.  The temperature of the universe at this time was one million, trillion, trillion degrees centigrade.  All of the mass and energy required to make the universe, including the planet Earth, was provided right from the start.

The size of the universe was about one fourth the size of a proton.  The entire universe with all its suns, planets, gases and dark matter was compacted to a size smaller than an atom.  Imagine the enormous energy concentrated in that one point.  The energy of all the trillions of suns in the universe was packed into one minute spot.  A person can imagine the expansion and heat of the Big Bang to be similar to a hydrogen bomb exploding only expanding forever.  Only God, with all His power could do that.  God created the universe and the universe began to expand and He watched it and made it grow and guided it to what it is today.  

The mathematician no doubt leads the way in describing how God created the universe and how it works.  The mathematician can go deep into outer space and calculate the birth, life and death of stars and the forces of the universe and how the


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