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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 4

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

further into various forces.  The grain of sand that remains of your body when the space is removed therefore disappears because the neutrons, protons and electrons disappear when the forces are neutralized.  This is even more astonishing.  This means the entire universe including the sun; the planet Earth and our bodies are made of nothing, just forces, like the air that blows up a big plastic dinosaur. These forces give us a stage to live out our lives and an opportunity to exist.  The stage consists of the Earth and the universe with props that take on the form of humans, houses, cars, tigers, snakes, dogs and everything else around us.  Everything is here for us to use and enjoy until death, but it is all nothing. Our bodies are even transparent.  Can we not shine a flashlight through our hands? When God created the universe He simply created the forces and that started the universe into motion into what we see today.

It was just a “poof” and there it was.  God can likewise destroy the universe and all God has to do is neutralize all the forces and it just disappears.  If He has the desire, God can create another universe, and another one after that and for whatever purpose or intent.  Or, He may create something entirely different.  Whatever His desires, whatever He wishes, God has the power.

The one thing that man has discovered that proves the existence of God beyond any doubt is the “Big Bang” theory.  The mathematicians have taken us back as far in time as God will allow us to go.  We can go back to ten minus forty-seven seconds


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