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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 3

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

In the 1960s, a physics instructor described the atom as having a nucleus with electrons going around the nucleus in much the same manner as the solar system with planets going around the sun.  The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons.  Electrons flowed around the nucleus in rings.  The first row of electrons consisted of two electrons with four electrons in each additional outer ring.  He described the atom by putting a golf ball on the goal line of a football field and putting a pea on the other goal line representing the first ring.  Each succeeding ring from the first would be another one hundred yards away.  As a result this instructor said, “If I were to take all of the space out of your atoms in your body you would be nothing but a grain of sand between my fingers.”  Astounding!  How could this be?  Man is flesh, blood and bone.  How could our minds work if we were mostly space?  Where are our soul, our ego, and how are they a part of a body composed of space?  How does the mind that we possess and is supposed to be so complex and great operate on nothing?  When the mind thinks, what is the method for making it work?  How does the mind span the gaps of space from one force to another force and bounce around ideas until invention is created or create the feeling of guilt or pride or of any other sensation? How is this done on nothing?  This statement causes serious thought as to what we are, and if we are real.  

Since that time, we have found that these electrons, protons and neutrons are only forces and the neutrons and protons can be broken down even


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