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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Chapter One, Page 2

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Chapter One
The Dawn of Time

and the Source of all energy.  No other entity exists that can create time, space or matter.  Only God has the power to do this.  Before the beginning there was God and nothing else.

When God decided to create the universe he only needed to snap his fingers and it all began.  Time, space and matter!  Time is an integral part of the universe and man is a slave to time.  Man cannot stop it, nor can man go back or forward in time.  God is not a slave to time.  Thus when the big bang started, time began.  All this happened thirteen billion years ago in man's time scale.

Why God included time into the flow of the universe is a mystery.  Einstein's equation for converting mass to energy (E=Mc2) included the speed of light.  It baffles the mind as to why the speed of light was included in the formula that converted pounds of matter into BTUs of energy.  But the speed of light is included and velocity does not exist without time.  Therefore time is a part of the universe.

Outside of the universe there is no time, matter or space.  There is nothing.  If you could take a spaceship to the edge of the universe you would not be able to leave because not even light escapes the universe.  Even if you were able to get outside the universe it would look black because if light escaped the universe, the mass of the universe would be reduced through mass to energy conversion, and this is not happening.  So man is trapped in a universe where there is no escape except through God.

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